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Aqwire FAQs

Aqwire is one of our newest partner in making your payments fast, easy and convenient. It is a secured cross-border payment solution for any of your Asian Land payment transactions to help you settle your real estate dues with a simple payment process. 

To settle your payments through Aqwire, visit

Below are the payment options you may choose from when settling your dues through Aqwire Portal:

  1. Credit or Debit Card
  2. US Bank Transfer
  3. Paypal
  4. Maya
  5. E wallet (Gcash and Grabpay)
  6. Philippine Bank s(Union Bank and Bank of the Philippine Islands)

Please note that availability of services of each payment methods may vary.

With Aqwire, you can easily and securely settle your real estate dues with our simple payment process.

Visit and select your mode of payment

  1.  Fill out details (ensure that you put an active and existing email address)
  2. Select your preferred payment method
  3. Review details and pay for the transaction

You will receive a payment receipt via email after the successful transaction. For questions, please email our Client Care Help desk at with the transaction”s reference ID. 

Auto-debit is a system where a property owner authorizes their bank to automatically deduct the payment for their mortgage or other real estate expenses from their bank account on a regular basis. 

This system ensures timely payment of the property owner’s obligations, eliminates the risk of missed payments, and reduces the administrative burden of manual payment processing. Auto-debit is a convenient payment option that helps property owners manage their finances and avoid late payment penalties.

With Aqwire, you can easily and securely enroll your real estate dues with our simple Auto-debit enrollment process. Payments will be deducted in a monthly basis.

Visit and select Enroll in Auto-debit.

  1.  Fill out details (ensure that you put an active and existing email address). In scheduling your auto-debit, input the start and number of months you need to pay
  2. Select your preferred payment method. 
  3. Review details and confirm the enrollment

You will receive an enrollment receipt via email and you will not be deducted right away. For questions, please email our Client Care Help desk at with the transaction”s referenced I

Please be advised that the maximum allowable duration for this service is limited to 60 months or 5 years. Additionally,  the auto-debit feature is only applicable for monthly dues. For utility fees, we request that you utilize regular payment methods or the one time payments per year.

To ensure timely payment of your dues, payment reminders will be sent to your email or mobile number. Please ensure that your contact details are active and accurate so that you receive these reminders ahead of the due dates. To update your contact details kindly go to this link.

The amount of convenience fees may vary depending on the payment method and service provider. Typically, these fees range from a few dollars to a percentage of the total transaction amount, some payment methods may not have convenience fees such as US bank transfers or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.

For auto-debit payments, payments are automatically converted to US dollars regardless of the card used. All cards are considered international credit or debit card transactions and are subjected to Aqwire’s tiered convenience fee table, which starts at $2.99 and will be capped at $19.99 for every $1,600.00 transaction and above. Convenience fees will be applied monthly.

Disclaimer: Please note that the convenience fees mentioned above are not managed by Asian Land and may be subject to change without prior notice. These fees are determined by the payment processing company or service provider and may vary depending on several factors including the type of payment method used, transaction volume, and processing costs. Asian Land does not control these fees and is not responsible for any changes or updates that may occur. Customers should review the terms and conditions of their chosen payment method.

Yes. Payments made through the Aqwire portal will be processed by Aqwire. For more details on refund policy, please visit or email Aqwire thru for any refund requests.

Refund requests are subject to approval by Asian Land.

Booking an Over-the-Counter FAQs

Kindly read this complete guide first before booking your Over the Counter walk-in appointments.

Booking an appointment is absolutely free. Kindly provide the correct credentials like your name, email address/es, and contact number/s.

If you have experienced being charged in exchange for setting appointments, report immediately via email to:

Select your preferred date and time. Available slots are highlighted in white.

Kindly provide your personal information correctly.  Asian Land ensures that we protect your privacy.

A booking overview will help you double check your selected appointment slot. Complete the Captcha and press the Submit button. You will then be redirected to a different page.

Yes. Your payment appointment is already confirmed after you receive your email notification. Take note of your Over the Counter Reservation Number.

Once you successfully submitted your request, an email will be sent to you. All updates will also be sent to your email address.

Check your email sections like Spam and Updates. Our email address is

You can follow-up your request in our Facebook page by messaging here and state your Reservation Number. You may also call us at (044) 791-2508 to 09 or 0917-523-7373 or email your concern at

The health of our clients, visitors, employees and business partners is our utmost priority. 

To ensure everyone’s safety, we provide washing stations, foot baths, and alcohol dispensers in our counters. Our employees are equipped with face shield and face mask at all times. 

We also require your cooperation by wearing your face mask before entering our office premises.

We are also on by appointment on our other services. Kindly visit Services on this site requires manual confirmation from our staff to better assess your concern. Our support steam will contact you right away after booking.

When you get to our office, follow this procedure. Please wear your face mask & face shield all the time.

  1. Check-in with the guard for your appointment verification
  2. Take a seat and wait for the guard to call you or receive and SMS from our front desk
  3. Proceed to Service Counter Number as directed.

Services Guide

Below are the list of services and duration of each.

For payments kindly visit for more info.

30 mins

  • Inquiry on our different Projects
    • Grand Royale
    • Dream Crest Homes
    • Royal Estate
    • Woodlands of Grand Royale
    • The Meadows
  • General Inquiry

If you have previous sales transaction, kindly state the name of your Sales Agent/ Property Consultant.

60 mins

  • Loan Application

45 mins

  • Bank Accreditation (Virtual meeting only)

30 mins

  • Credit Assessment

10 mins

  • Refund on  Disapproved Credit Assessment
  • Status of Loan Application
  • Status of Title Under Loan
  • Holding of Post Dated Checks (Virtual meeting only)

60 mins

  • In-house Construction

30 mins

  • Permit to Occupy
  • Construction Permit
  • Worker’s Gate Pass (Personal Meeting only)
  • Private Construction

60 mins

  • In-house Construction

30 mins

  • Permit to Occupy
  • Construction Permit
  • Worker’s Gate Pass (Personal Meeting only)
  • Private Construction

15 mins

  • Documents Request

10 mins

  • Allowance, Incentives & Commissions
  • Check Disbursement
  • Contractor & Supplier

For payments kindly visit

60 mins

  • Releasing of Title (Personal Meeting only)

20 mins

  • Status of Title (Virtual Meeting only)

15 mins

  • Request for Deed of Absolute Sale
  • Signing of Contract to Sell and/or Deed of Absolute Sale (Physical Meeting Only)

30 mins

  • HOA Concerns

10 mins

  • Rentals
  • Car Stickers
  • Streetlight
  • Maintenance Fee
  • Complaints

45 mins

  • Partner and Supplier Meeting

30 mins

  • Converge Applications

30 mins

  • HR Partner Meeting

Terms of Use

Before you start, we recommend the use of Gmail or Yahoo mail accounts for the receiving of appointment updates.

 Users has all the responsibility of supplying and verifying of the information they provide on this system.  They also have the responsibility of giving consent to the collection of data for conducting validation of existing company records.