How does it work?

Step 1

Go to Aqwire's payment portal for Asian Land:

Step 2

Choose either regular or recurring payments.
For regular or one time payment, click Pay Online Now
For recurring payments, click Enroll in Auto-Debit.

Step 3

Complete the steps provided by Aqwire.
a. Fill out Personal and Property Details. Provide active email and mobile numbers. Transaction receipts will be sent to these channels.
b. Choose your preferred payment method. All major debit and credit cards, US bank transfers, Paypal, e-wallets (Gcash, GrabPay, Maya) and Philippine banks (BPI and Union Bank) are accepted.
c. Review the details and confirm your payment

Step 4

Keep the Aqwire reference ID and wait for our Client Care Team to send you the Official Receipt.

Pay online with Aqwire

Regular Payments

Access our payment portal anytime, anywhere with zero to minimal fees! Enjoy the convenience of secure transactions at your fingertips.

Recurring Payments

Enroll in our auto-debit program using your debit/credit cards and never miss a payment again! Enjoy the benefits of hassle-free payments and worry-free transactions